Playa Santa in Guánica is an exciting dive location on the Southwest corner of Puerto Rico. The most famous site at Guánica is the stunning Guánica’s Wall. The Wall is formed as the continental shelf drops over 1500 feet into the ocean depths. Along The Wall black coral is abundant, as well as colorful reef fish and large deep-sea fish. Sightings of dolphins, Sharks, blue marlin, tuna, eels and turtles are common.

Puerto Rico offers a magnificence ocean temperature of 81ºF and underwater visibility averages from 60 to 75 feet near the beach. Offshore it is easily 100 feet or more! We are diver’s paradise…

If you’re a morning diver or late night diver, we accommodate your diving needs. We have over 40 locations to dive & just 15 minutes between them. Some of the attractions include Efra’s Wall, Two For You, Fallen Rock, Windows, Hatches, Cañones, Canelones, Aquarium, Las Posas, Andrea’s, Pinnacles, Frank’s Cave and more… Enjoy the best diving in Puerto Rico. Our staff will be happy to provide you with any information you may need so your visit is a memorable one.

Island Scuba is a diving school located on the south/west side of the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. We pride our selves in teaching the best techniques and offer a wide array of unique ocean scenery for you to view.

Allow us to take you to places you’ve only seen on television, Playa Santa, Guánica, PR is one of Puerto Rico’s riches attraction, not only because of the beautiful beach and water activities, but for the spender of the ocean’s scenery.

We teach you the proper techniques for diving so your under water experience is safe and enjoyable. So give us a call and set up your diving experience today (787) 309-6556, (787) 473-7997. Fax: (787) 821-4373.

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